Web Chat Widget

Web Chat Widget

Modified on: Mon, 19 Sep, 2022 at 11:38 AM

Live Chat = Free Leads!

Installing the Phalera Live Chat widget on client websites is one of the easiest ways to generate leads without the need for ad-spend.

Where traditional live chat often results in a bad user experience due to lengthy response times, the Phalera chat widget excels as it opens up a 2-way SMS chat, freeing the user to leave the website but continue the conversation!

How to add a chat widget to a WordPress website

How to trigger a notification for new chats

Step 1: Once you have a chat widget set up, you’ll want to configure a Workflow Trigger to send a notification when a conversation is initiated via the chat widget

To do this, the trigger event should be “Customer Replied” with a filter for “Reply Channel” set to “Chat Widget” like this: 

Please Note:

Every Reply channel” will require its own respective trigger. For the example above we are only using “Chat Widget“, if you wanted to use GMB chat you would need to setup a NEW trigger and or workflow for that specific event.


Step 2: Next hit the + > Search for “internal notifications” > You can select from 3 options:

1. Email – Send email to a specific Users or custom email

2. In-app notification – Send a notification via the webapp or mobile app to a specific Users or all

3. SMS – Send SMS to a specific Users or custom number 

Quick Tip: 

Use the “{{Message Body}}” custom value in your notification email/text to display the message that the user entered into the chat widget.


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