Group Calendar

Group Calendar

Modified on: Monday, Sept 19, 2022 at 1:09 PM


  • “Team” calendars are now referred to as “Group”
  • Adding a Group calendar is now done within the calendars settings tab
  • Users are directly added to their respective Calendars within the Team & Event Step in the calendar modal.
  • The two options for assigning contacts (listed below) have moved to the Confirmation tab 
  • Assign contacts to their respective calendar team members each time an appointment is booked
  • Skip assigning contact if the contact has already an assigned user

Creating a Group Calendar

Head into the location settings > Calendars > Click on “+ Add Group”  and label the group name, description, and slug > Save

Add User(s) to the Group Calendar

Click on “+ New Calendar” > “1. Team & Event Setup” > “+ Add User”

Assigning User(s) within the Group Calendar

Within the calendar setup modal head over to the “3. Confirmation” tab > Select the assigned options by clicking on the checkboxes

Use Group calendar for checking conflicts in multiple Google calendars:

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