How to find hidden or broken elements in email?

How to find hidden or broken elements in email?     

  Modified on:Fri, 16 Sep, 2022 at 9:18  PM



How to view hidden or broken elements? 

    Sometimes users reduce the height or width of elements up to such an extent or reduce 

padding up to some extent that element does not remain visible due to which we can not select\edit that element email builder for all such scenarios we have a feature to view the complete element tree of your template. 


Manage Template: You will see a burger menu at bottom of the Content tab of the email builder as shown below fig once you click on that menu, it will open a Layer section.



You can click on the plus icon to view all child elements within that section



It will automatically scroll to an element in the email builder when you hover on an element in Tree

If I reduce the height of the top image up to 1O px it will not be visible in the email builder








Now, you can reach that image through Manage Template Menu, just hover the first image in the first section. 




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