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Custom Values / Merge Fields

Modified on: Thu, 18 Aug, 2022 at 7:09 PM


Note: Now that Workflows are live in all accounts, you can do everything that Triggers and Campaigns do (and more!), all in one builder! Click to learn more about Workflows. 

Contact > [Text] > Full name: {{}}

Contact > First name: {{contact.first_name}}

Contact > Last name: {{contact.last_name}}

Contact > Email: {{}}

Contact > Phone: {{}} or **{{contact.phone_raw}}

Contact > Phone (Recommended for trigger links & UTM): Tel:{{contact.phone_raw}}

Contact > Company name: {{contact.company_name}}

Contact > Full Address: {{contact.full_address}}

Contact > Address 1: {{contact.address1}}

Contact > City: {{}}

Contact > State: {{contact.state}}

Contact > Postal Code: {{contact.postal_code}}

Contact > Date of Birth: {{contact.date_of_birth}}

Contact > Source: {{contact.source}}

Contact > Website: {{}}

Contact > Custom Fields > Date of last stay: {{contact.date_of_last_stay}}

Contact > Custom Fields > Additional Comments: {{contact.additional_comments}}

Contact > Custom Fields > Villa of last stay: {{contact.villa_of_last_stay}}

Attribution > First > Session Source: {{contact.attributionSource.sessionSource}}

Attribution > First > URL: {{contact.attributionSource.url}}

Attribution > First > Campaign: {{contact.attributionSource.campaign}}

Attribution > First > UM Source: {{contact.attributionSource.utmSource}}

Attribution > First > UM Medium: {{contact.attributionSource.utmMedium}}

Attribution > First > UTM Content: {{contact.attributionSource.utmContent}}

Attribution > First > Referrer: {{contact.attributionSource.referrer}}

Attribution > First > Campaign Id: {{contact.attributionSource.campaignId}}

Attribution > First > FB Clickld: {{contact.attributionSource.fbclid}}

Attribution > First > Google Clickld: {{contact.attributionSource.gclid}}

Attribution > Last > Session Source: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.sessionSource}}

Attribution > Last > URL: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.url}}

Attribution > Last > Campaign: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.campaign}}

Attribution > Last > UM Source: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.utmSource}}

Attribution > Last > UM Medium: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.utmMedium}}

Attribution > Last > UTM Content: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.utmContent}}

Attribution > Last > Referrer: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.referrer}}

Attribution > Last > Campaign Id: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.campaignId}}

Attribution > Last > FB Clickld: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.fbclid}}

Attribution > Last > Google Clickld: {{contact.lastAttributionSource.gclid}}

User > Full Name: {{}}

User > First Name: {{user.first_name}}

User > Last Name: {{user.last_name}}

User > Email: {{}}

User > Phone: {{}} or **{{user.phone_raw}}

User > Signature: {{user.email_signature}}

User > Calendar Link: {{user.calendar_link}}

User > Appointment Phone: ** {{appointment.user.phone_raw}}

User > Twilio Phone: {{user.twilio_phone_number}}

User > Twilio Phone raw format: {{user.twilio_phone_number_raw}}

Appointment > Start Date Time: {{appointment.start_time}}

Appointment > Start Date: {{appointment.only_start_date}}

Appointment > Start Time: {{appointment.only_start_time}}

Appointment > End Date Time: {{appointment.end_time}}

Appointment > End Date: {{appointment.only_end_date}}

Appointment > End Time: {{appointment.only_end_time}}

Appointment > Timezone: {{appointment.timezone}}

Appointment > Cancellation Link: {{appointment.cancellation_link}}

Appointment > Reschedule Link: {{appointment.reschedule_link}}

Appointment > Meeting Location: {{appointment.meeting_location}}

Appointment > Notes: {{appointment.notes}}

Appointment >Add to Google Calendar: {{appointment.add_to_google_calendar}}

Appointment > Add to Ical&Outlook: {{appointment.add_to_ical_outlook}}

Calendar > Name: {{}}

Campaign > Event, Date, Time: {{campaign.event_date_time}}

Campaign > Event Date: {{campaign.event_date}}

Campaign > Event Time: {{campaign.event_time}}

Message > Message Body: {{message.body}}

Account > Name: {{}}

Account > Full Address: {{location.full_address}}

Account > Address Line 1: {{location.address}}

Account > City: {{}}

Account > State: {{location.state}}

Account > Country: {{}}

Account > Postal Code: {{location.postal_code}}

Account > Email: {{}}

Account > Phone: {{}}

Account > Website: {{}}

Account > Logo URL: {{location.logo_url}}

Account > Owner > First Name: {{location_owner.first_name}}

Account > Owner > Last Name: {{location_owner.last_name}}

Account > Owner > Email: {{}}

Right Now > Second: {{right_now.second}}

Right Now > Minute: {{right_now.minute}}

Right Now > Time 24h Format: {{right_now.hour}}

Right Now > Time  AM/PM Format: {{right_now.hour_ampm}}

Right Now > AM/PM: {{right_now.ampm}}

Right Now > Day: {{}}

Right Now > Month: {{right_now.month}}

Right Now > Month Extended English: {{right_now.month_english}}

Right Now > Year: {{right_now.year}}

Right Now > Date (month/day/year): {{right_now.middle_endian_date}}

Right Now > Date (day/month/year): {{right_now.little_endian_date}}

Right Now > Day of the week: {{right_now.day_of_week}} 

**The raw format is used to remove the brackets and dashes. This is ideal when dealing with international phone numbers



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