Chat Widget Attribution

Chat Widget Attribution

Modified on: Wed, 12 Oct, 2022 at 4:16 AM


Viewing The Traffic Source For Web Chat Conversations


1. View Chat Widget Source On Contact Detail Page

When a contact initiates a conversation via a Live Chat widget, you will see that event displayed in the Activity Tab on the Contact Detail page in Contacts. (Example below).


2. Click on the Clipboard Icon to View

3. Clicking the clipboard icon will open up the form submission detail (aka the initial message they entered into the Chat Widget) where you can view more information including the source (Organic Search, Direct Traffic, etc.).

4. View Chat Widget Source In Form Submissions!

Go to Sites>Forms>submissions and select Widget Form on the dropdown menu





– Yes, attribution will work for Live Chat Widgets that you’ve added to non-Phalera websites, including sites you use the LeadConnector WordPress Widget on.


-Attribution may not work for some IOS users or any users who have privacy mode turned on as it blocks the cookie.

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