Bounce Suspension

Bounce Suspension

Modified on: Wed, 6 Oct, 2022 at 8:16 AM

Bounce Suspension

Email sending will be suspended for having a high hard bounce rate. Email providers and anti-spam networks monitor bounce rates for every email you send and use that information to suspend email sending for your accounts with high bounce rate. If your account has a high bounce rate this will impact your deliverability.


In this article, you will learn about

  1. Bounce

  2. Causes an account suspension

  3. Fix the hard bounce and activate the account


What are bounces?

A bounce occurs when an email was not delivered or rejected by the recipient’s email provider. 


There are two types of bounces.

Hard bounce occurs when an email address does not exist.

Soft bounce is a temporary failure and some more reasons like the recipient server are down or the mailbox is full.


Causes an account suspension

We have thresholds in place to monitor bounce rates and if a Bounce rate exceeds industry threshold which is below 5%, we temporarily suspend the email sending for the account. 


A high bounce rate indicates that the account is sending emails to contacts that are invalid emails. This may also mean that external spam filters are refusing to deliver emails due to bad sending behavior in the past. A good bounce rate is typically in the range of 0 – 3%.


During the email sending suspension, only email sending will be disabled all other features will be working.

Fix the hard bounce and activate the account

When a location was suspended, you will receive an email to the location accounts email address to do the below step:


Please review recent campaigns, workflows, and/or bulk messages sent from the location mentioned above and make relevant changes. 


  1. Stop all workflows, campaigns, triggers and/or bulk actions to contacts who have not explicitly opted in to receive email from the sub-account.

  2. Validate all contact emails to make sure you are only sending emails to real/working/active emails.

  3. Please respond to the email as soon as possible with the proof of opt-in, opt-in forms/funnels, and examples of unsubscribe tags in your recently sent the email.

  4. If the sub-account is a client, please discuss this with your client and advise them not to send bulk communication or cold email campaigns until this issue is resolved.


Once you complete the email validation and respond to the email with the proof, our Support Team will follow up with you to help activate the account.


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