301 Redirects For Domains

301 Redirects For Domains

Modified on: Tue, 20  Sep, 2022 at 3:32 PM

To create 301 redirects, navigate to Sites > URL Redirects.

The URL Redirect feature gives you three options for redirecting a domain:

  1. Redirect to another URL
  2. Redirect to a step in a funnel 
  3. Redirect to a page in a website

Redirect Type: URL


Redirect one URL to a another url



The domain being redirected must already be configured in the subaccount. 

With the path, you have to start with “/” in the front and give the old path that needs to be redirected.

If the redirect type happens to be a URL, enter the full target URL.

Redirect Type: Funnel 


The Funnel redirect, allows you to 301 redirect a url to a step in an existing funnel that is linked with a domain within the subaccount.


Redirect Type: website 


Website redirect allows you to 301 redirect a url to a Phalera Website page. Only those websites that are linked to a domain can be used here.


Currently, the redirects work only for specific full URLs and do not support regex based 301 redirects. 


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